Cast iron fixture plate

Exceptional stability is achieved by Stolle's rib pattern and design together with controlled cooling after casting, by sophisticated core design resulting in minimal cooling stresses and maximum stability of the plates. These manufacturing techniques developed by Stolle result in plates that will maintain distortion free accuracy providing they are stored and installed correctly.

The top surface is machined to the different flatness accuracies of DINas required. Steel plates can be coated or plated to resist corrosin and wear.

Please contact us for a quote! Base Plate x x mm, oil-sealed with fluid trough. Protective wax still applied. T-slots can be machined to width tolerance H7 or H8 at extra cost. Depth of T- slots can also be increased in cases of extremely high pull- out loads. Casted pockets, as required, are provided along the T- slot enable inserting and removal of T- nuts. T- slots can be machined in longitudinal and transversal direction depending on your requirements as well as threaded holes and fitting holes.

Our plates can be casted and machined entirely to your specification. In the picture to the right access tunnels have been casted into the plate for routing wires, hoses etc. The seismic mass was designed by us together with the base plate and the anchoring system as a turn-key system approach. We manufacture and install Surface Plates in all sizes and variations. The surface plate shown to the left has a size of x mm.

Vibration Isolation click here. Test Fixtures click here. Can be re-arranged in many different configurations T-shape, 2 separate fields etc. Plate mounted on rubber vibration isolators with 1 st natural frequency around 7 Hz. Protective wax still applied to the plate surfaces.Skip to main content. Weight Plates. Customers also bought.

Universal Cast Iron Fixture plate

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Manufacturing at Home - Fixture Plate to Machine, Drill \u0026 Tap Steel Part

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cast iron fixture plate

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Rubber Grip. CAP Barbell. Day 1 Fitness.These plates have three T-slots for use with T-slot nuts, bolts, and setup studs.

Ensure accurate right angles and hold workpieces and fixtures perpendicular to a machine table. Add components such as clamps, brackets, stops, rests, mounting plates, fixturing squares, risers, and V-blocks to build fixtures for welding and assembly. Mount to your machine and turn the handles to precisely rotate your work or position it on X- and Y- axes. These portable burners connect to an LP gas tank so you can carry them back and forth between different application sites.

Use these precision-ground plates with lapping compounds to create extremely flat surfaces on your workpiece. Cast iron absorbs vibration, so finished parts run quieter than those made of steel. Fasten these brackets to ceilings, walls, beams, and joists to hang threaded rod. Add rotational positioning to machinery and equipment. This nosing has an integral anchor for installation in fresh concrete stairs; no additional fasteners required. Contact Us Order.

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cast iron fixture plate

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For Thread Size. Mounting Location. For Suspending. Mount Type. Number of Mounting Holes. Mounting Hole Diameter. Mounting Hole Center-to-Center. Tolerance Rating.To support and complete the Gerardi Modular Workholding System a more and more strategic and important role is played by all the range of modular tombstones and sub-plates.

They are manufactured in the most different shapes and versions, anyway always provided in one solid cast iron cast G30 with walls about 40 mm thickness and with double stress relieving heat treatment. Recently available in high resistence alluminum. The shapes available are: Cubes, Two side tombstone, Angles, Plates and subplates, Shelves and special on specific request. One integral G30 cast iron casting rough milled with double stress relieving heat treatment.

Wall thickness mm 10 mm stock. Rough milled casting with base face machined and hand scraped for direct clamping on European or Japaneese standard pallet. As finishing following are available: A type - One solid cast iron. Cube completely finished with wall thickness roughly mm.

Integral cube with calibrated holes and solid threads. Integral cube with hardened bushings Cr6 and stainless steel helicoils. Catalogue View Full Workholding Catalogue Your browser doesn't support this content, please click here.Hello all at Jash, This consignment was well received.

The packaging was exce Paul Morgan. Founded in the year by Late Shri. In all these years, we have been industry recognized for our expertise at creating precise straight, flat, parallel and square surfaces at micron level. Our products are quality tested by qualified engineers and comply with the industry standards on numerous parameters including durability, resistance against distortion and dimensional accuracy.

The seven decades of industry leadership, we have developed is pivoted on our relentless technological advancements and upgradation. Our products, whether standard or customized are all appreciated by our diverse clientele. Today, we are a highly diversified Engineering Group manufacturing products for the global markets.

cast iron fixture plate

With our tight delivery schedules, regular and prompt services, we have set an industry benchmark for service quality and customer satisfaction. JASH has emerged as a single stop solution provider for a wide range of Metrology product needs of wide range of customers. Follow us on. Quality Quality Assurance. About Jash Metrology.

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Available to:. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. There is some minor surface rust. There does not appear to be and nicks or dings that I noticed anyway and appears to be in really nice condition. Thanks for looking and check out my other auctions. Ships to lower 48 states only. Will combine shipping when possible. One face has step to hold mounted item Parallel Each face is Square and Flat. This Item is NOT an import.

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You can run multiple three phase motors from just one phase converter. Allowing you to run multiple three phase motors off single phase power!

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We can provide rush shipping.Figure 1 Cast-iron welding tables can take plenty of abuse in the shop, including exposure to a welding arc, which can reach 5, degrees F. While welding technology has advanced greatly over the past 70 years, the best work surfaces for welding have remained somewhat consistent—and useful. Cast-iron platen tables have been used for all types of fabrication since before World War II. They are used for bending, straightening, layout, and restraint of a workpiece during welding.

The platen tables have proven to be versatile enough to accommodate almost any type of work that comes into the weld shop. Because the platen tables are made of cast iron, they stay flat, and weld spatter does not stick to the surface.

The extremely durable nature of these platens ensures that they hold up in the harsh environment of the weld shop see Figure 1. Platen tables are simple in nature. Tooling and angle blocks are easy to install and affix to the table. These components are readily adaptable to a variety of applications, such as for squaring walls and supporting tall workpieces. Platens can be laid out as single units or in beds of multiple units. Walkways can be left between platens, allowing welders to make welds on long workpieces.

Additionally, platens can be mounted vertically on a horizontal platen to create either a degree squaring wall or a large L-shaped fixture see Figure 2. Scissor-lift bases also are available for platens as an option. The working height of the platen can be adjusted for different welders and weldments of varying heights. Because cast iron is harder than steel, cast-iron platens are more durable than steel tables. They are able to absorb the heavy pounding of a sledge hammer.

Even if a heavy weldment is dropped on the platens, they are able to withstand this abuse. The massive size of the platens allows them to absorb the red-hot temperatures of welding and still stay flat, unlike steel tables that may warp or buckle under the heat of the welding arc or from preheating see Figure 3.

Figure 2 These vertical supports are useful when working with tall weldments. The thickness of the platen tables allows them to be machined multiple times and put back into service. Poured cast-iron platens cannot readily be cut with oxyacetylene, and a typical portable plasma machine is not big enough to cut them. As a result, the platens tend to hold up without damage in the harsh environment of a weld shop. Clamps and tooling can be placed anywhere on the table in any of the square holes as the application requires.

Both traditional tooling and new 3-D tooling are available see Figure 4. Clamping can be accomplished above the surface of the platen with the various tools.


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